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body butter


Devotion a deeply moisturising body butter that will enhance your radiance and natural glow.

This most gorgeous creation has been designed and formulated carefully over 12 months to encourage nourishment, kindness, love and joy in your own skin.

The high nutrient density of the vitamins, essential fatty acids and anti inflammatory ingredients deliver nourishment and hydration directly where your skin needs it most. They have been chosen because of their rich, potent antioxidant properties.

It repairs damage, promotes skin regeneration, soothes itchiness and relieves irritation, creating a hydrating, long lasting protective barrier against environmental pollutants.

By being easily absorbed it feels luscious on you body, and the rosy, floral, sweet and uplifting scent is perfect for the self nourishment and care.

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Shea butter, Macadamia oil, beeswax, vitamin E, rose geranium essential oil


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